The Power Of A Press Release



Sitting down to write to you, I am trying to think of the right word to describe my week. I need a word that fits in with my Two Green Lane brand. However one word keeps coming back to me, so despite not being a word we would often use at Two Green Lane, lets go with it…..




Yes, this week has been incredible. A good friend of mine Kate Rumsby is a PR Manager who took time out from her career to have 2 beautiful boys. Now the boys are a little bigger she is doing some freelancing, working with select clients to help them build their profile and gain exposure. Kate called me and said she’d written a press release to coincide with the launch of Two Green Lane and could I have a quick look over it as she’d like to send it out to a few local business magazines and the local media. She had done this all of her own accord, without me asking, the sign of a true friend. Reading the press release, it was like she knew the business inside out. She captured our character and our essence perfectly.


The press release, focusing on me as a working mum starting my own business, was sent to various media outlets. Kate warned me that it is always hit or miss if stories are picked up so all we could do was wait and see. The clock started ticking, but it wasn’t ticking for long before the interest started.


The next working day we had our 1st coverage on the website of South East Business. We were over the moon. It gave us exposure to the business community and proved there was an appetite for what we were doing. However, this was just the start! Since then we have also been featured on the website and Facebook page of Kent Business Magazine. Following this, we received a call from a local glossy magazine- Mid Kent Living. They also wanted to feature us for their October issue.


The biggest exposure to date has been from the local paper the Kent Messkm-print-editionenger. They interviewed me over the phone and requested to send a photographer to photograph me in our studio as I worked. Tell any female this and they would have done the same as I did. I spent hours tidying the studio and placed some subtle but strategic branding around the room to promote us as much as possible. However, the picture ending up being a close up of me holding a box and one of my beautiful charms. If I’d have known that I wouldn’t have spent the entire previous evening choosing an outfit that was suitable for a mum, craftsperson and a business woman all in 1! We won’t even start on the fact I am well overdue a visit to the hairdressers so my roots were on show in all their glory! However, I could not have asked for more from the feature. It was beautifully written by the journalist and promoted Two Green Lane perfectly. The paper came out yesterday and already there has been increased interest from people and I have received so much support from social media.


I am having to pinch myself that all this attention has come from 1 press release. It shows the business community wants to know about Mums starting their own business and it is a great local news story, providing that feel good factor and community spirit where we all want each other to succeed.


Thank you Kate for lending me your amazing PR talents. All of this press interest is because of you and really does show the power of a press release.



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