Hand, Foot and Paw Print Kit


Print kit containing an inkless wipe and a specially coated piece of paper, specifically designed to capture your hand, foot or paw print. If you then decide to place an order for a piece of personalised jewellery within 3 months, we will refund you the original cost of the kit. 

Product Description

If for any reason you are not quite ready to purchase one of our keepsakes but would like to start the print taking process, or you simply want the prints for yourself, you can purchase one of our print kits. Our kit contains an inkless wipe and a specially coated piece of paper, specifically designed to capture your hand, foot or paw print. We will also send you full instructions and a stamp addressed envelope so that if you wish to proceed to placing an order you can post it straight back to us. We recommend 1 kit per child/pet and if you want to capture both hand and footprints we recommend that you order 2 kits per child. 

People are often concerned that it will be difficult to get the print. Don’t worry, it is surprisingly easy. You simply need to wipe the hand/foot/paw making sure you get all crevices. You hold it down on the paper for as long as possible (ideally 5 seconds). Press on each finger/toe and make sure the palm/base of the foot/paw is pressed down as straight and firmly as possible so you make a complete print. We encourage you to do multiple prints on the paper so that we have more choice if you go ahead and place your order. 

Once you have taken your prints, if you wish to place an order for a keepsake then please send the prints back to us as per the instructions given with the kit and place your order via the website. We will have given you a special code to put in at the checkout that will refund the cost of your kit (excluding p&p) if you purchase a hand, foot or paw print charm or a pair of hand, foot or paw print cufflinks. 

Please note, if you have a pet with long hair between the pads you will need to trim the hair back to ensure a clean print.


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