Celebrating Small Business Saturday


Saturday 3rd December it was Small Business Saturday. This was a day for supporting those who have taken that big leap of starting up their own business. Often these businesses are a one man band and sometimes they have a few employees. But the most important things is that they are small and not a big corporate organisation.

When I used to do my Christmas shopping I would buy the odd thing that was handcrafted. However, I would also look at the big chains, normally via the internet and buy the majority of my gifts from there. Don’t get me wrong, I would always spend a lot of time choosing every present purchased, but more often than not these presents would come from the big shops.

Starting up my business, I now realise how important it is to buy local and buy from the small people. I recently shared a quote on our Facebook page saying “When you buy from a small business (instead of a large corporation), an actual person does a happy dance. Be the cause of someone’s happy dance today”.

This is so true. Through a lot of hard work, we have got off to a fairly quick start with our business. However, we don’t take any orders for granted, and we still get so excited at each order that comes through. We take so much pride in each order and want the customer to know how much their order means to us. We make sure we liaise with them at every step of the way and always include a hand written note when we dispatch the order. Being a small business we can do this. You can’t get the same level of personalisation from the big guys. We are so proud of the service we can offer. We want you to feel like you are buying from a friend.

I would encourage all of you to buy from small businesses wherever possible. You are supporting someone in their livelihood, something they have a passion for. You are helping them support their family and you know you are going to receive something they have put their heart and soul in to creating. Small Business Saturday does remind you of how lucky you are to have your own small business.

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