Our 1st Christmas



Yes, we’re back! It seems like a very long time since we last wrote to you. We’re sure there was something happening during that time. Ah yes, Our 1st Christmas! How could we forget about that.

The build up was busy which is why we slowed down on the blogging. But it was busy in a good way. We didn’t feel overwhelmed and we were able to give every order the love and attention it deserved which was so important to us.

We had some very high value orders with a significant amount of people buying more than 1 item. We had orders across our range but the pet paw print range was particularly popular.

Christmas day was magical in the Two Green Lane household, our 2nd with little Esme. Much of the day was spent watching her open her mountain of presents. However every so often we would pause and think about all our customers handing over presents we had made to their loved ones. Thinking of their faces eagerly eyeing up their gifts as they sat under the tree ready to be opened. It felt very humbling to know we were contributing to so many peoples Christmas and couldn’t help but check our emails and Facebook page every so often to see what feedback we had received. Over the next few days we received some wonderful feedback from customers and it meant so much that they had taken the time to thank us and tell us that they were so happy with their present from a loved one.

Between Christmas and New Year (that odd bit where no-one knows what to do with themselves), we managed to switch off from work and gave ourselves a few days off- our 1st since May 2016. However we were back working hard on the 2nd January. This was technically a bank holiday but we were so excited to start back that we couldn’t wait any longer.

We loved our 1st Christmas. We loved being able to bring joy to so many people and we loved the buzz of it all. It has left us hungry for more. We’re now busy planning for 2017 and can’t wait to share some of our exciting ideas with you very soon.

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