Helping People Say Goodbye

18. Helping people say goodbye

We have written before about how over time we have learnt that what we make is more than a piece of jewellery to many people. It can capture moments, memories and can tell a story. It can also have an important role in helping people say goodbye.

When we launched last year, we immediately had the build up to Christmas. It wasn’t the right time to start looking for relevant local businesses to work with. Once Christmas was over, we sat down with a blank piece of paper and wrote down a list of all the companies we would like to be associated with. Top of the list was Cherry Tree Pet Crematorium in High Halden near Ashford.

Many people reading this might wonder why we would want to work with a company that deals with the cremation of animals. However, for all the reasons detailed in the first paragraph, it was something we felt very passionate about. But, it wasn’t simply about wanting to work with a company who could help people say goodbye to their pets. It was finding the right company who showed compassion and truly cared about the pet and their owner.

We have friends and family who have used Cherry Tree previously and rated their service as exceptional. Making the initial call to Cherry Tree, we could immediately see why. They explained their ethos and how they would never try and sell jewellery to any of their clients. They ensure the products are on display so the owners can view them and understand the different options for commemorating their beloved pet, but no more than that. This was exactly what we wanted. The thought of someone actively pushing our jewellery in circumstances like these would have made us very uncomfortable.

Cherry Tree have a beautiful cabinet in their office that now has some of our samples sitting in it. We are so proud to be associated with such a highly regarded business whose first priority is always their clients and their feelings.

If someone is interested in our jewellery then the wonderful David, Mark and the team can take the pet’s print before the final goodbye and the owner can take the print away with them and order their chosen jewellery in the comfort of their own home rather than feel the need to chose the design immediately.

Each piece of jewellery we make through Cherry Tree is going to be extra special as we know how much it is going to mean to the individual. We grew up with ducks, chickens, cats, dogs, guinea pigs, hamsters and fish. We are big animal lovers ourselves and truly understand the pain of losing a pet and feel so passionately about helping people say goodbye. Thank you Cherry Tree for allowing us to make it happen.

Cherry Tree Pet Crematorium can be found at Pot Kiln Lane, High Halden, Ashford TN26 3HJ and can be contacted on 01233 850929

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