Never Too Old

19. Never too old

We’ve done a few craft fairs and events since we launched. We find that people have similar queries when asking us about our jewellery. We also often overhear comments of people talking to each other about our products.

We’ve found that one of the most common misconceptions is that people believe their children are too old to have their hand and footprints taken for keepsake jewellery. We so often hear “I love this idea. I wish I’d done this with my children but they’re too old now”.

Because people don’t know the process for making the jewellery (and why would they!), they don’t realise that we can take the prints at any age. Your child is never too old. The print taking process involves wiping a hand or foot with an inkless wipe on to a special piece of paper. We then scan the print in to a computer, tidy up any smudges and shrink down the print to make a stamp that is placed in to silver clay.

Because all prints are reduced in size to fit on the charm, we can use the prints of anyone, at any age. If we didn’t shrink down the prints, even the prints of a newborn baby would result in a very large charm using a lot of silver!

As there are no age limitations we have so many exciting options when designing our charms. One of our favourites was a gift for a father featuring a large shaped heart with a Mothers and Daughters handprint. We made the Mothers print larger than the Daughters print to enable clear distinction between the two.

We can also work from existing prints. If you have hand or footprints of your children from when they were little (often made from paint) and would like those prints captured in silver, we can do this too.

We felt it was important to make sure you knew that your loved one is never too old to have their prints taken and captured in silver. We can work with everyone from 0-100+ and can also work with your existing prints. Please make sure your friends know about this too as it makes us so sad that so many people don’t realise they can still capture prints regardless of age. Remember, you are never too old!


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