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When I launched my business I was very diligent in writing a blog once a week. I then changed the frequency to every 2 weeks and unsurprisingly it has now been a few months since I wrote a few words. Call it a mid-year resolution, but I’m going to try and revert back to a weekly update for you!

When attending events I am often asked why I started my business so that’s what I’m going to explain a little 1.7.17 (2)more for you this week. The most important reasons are helping to provide a home for my family and food on the table whilst being able to spend as much precious time with Esme while she’s young.

My aspirational motivation is that I would love my business to be able to pay for us as a family to visit Parrot Cay in Turks and Caicos where my husband and I spent our honeymoon and I would love us to go back and share the experience with Esme.

Before starting my business I had 10 amazing years working in marketing for an incredible beer brand. I love5.7.17d it and it enabled me to live an incredible life and visit some of the best bars in the world. I made some life long friends and gained a husband! Naturally I’d have to spend a lot of time in meeting rooms and had a lengthy commute every day. This was one of the reasons I decided not to return after maternity leave and whilst I was sad to say goodbye I don’t regret my decision. I have many fond memories but feel so blessed to now be able to do what I do.

Starting a new business is hard work and you need to find one thing that makes you stand out from other similar companies. For me it was easy and I decided to focus on what I felt passionate about- my customer service.  Every single order I get is precious. While I am making someone’s order I really feel like the person who’s print it is and the recipient are part of my extended family as their story becomes part of my little world when I’m sat at my desk working. Every one of my customers really does mean the world to me. Nothing makes me happier than a finished piece of jewellery with the precious prints of someones loved one or pet. Sometimes I have to pinch myself that I get to capture something so precious for someone.

I feel passionately about every 1 of my products I make, but I have to say my couples fingerprint bracelet bead 6.7.17(that is compatible with Pandora) is one of my favourites. It has real meaning in a really subtle way. This one has the enlarged wedding fingerprint lines of my husband on one side of the bead and mine on the other. It is so precious and I wear it every day.

Next week I’m going to share a little more on how I actually started my business so stay tuned! Love Laura x




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