The Best Things About Christmas

This is my final blog before Christmas. Over the last few weeks I have written about my order lead times, why it’s great to shop local and why personalisation is so great. Therefore what better way to round of this series of blogs with something that isn’t work related in the slightest and talk about the best things about Christmas! Here are my top 10 favourite things about Christmas……


  1. Putting up decorations

My Mum was always quite strict in not putting up her decorations too early. However I have decided not to follow in her footsteps and if you wonder what I’ll be doing on 1st December every year, I will be putting up my Christmas decorations. If I’m honest, I love the idea of putting up decorations more than the reality and normally direct my husband what to put where, but nothing beats endless fairy lights around the house!

  1. Christmas shopping

I love a bit of Christmas shopping. Over the years I have been doing more and more online but regardless of where I buy the presents, the most important thing is that I make sure I get the right present for each person. I know I have chosen right when I get that little feeling in my tummy and I can’t wait to see someone open their present.

  1. Christmas songs

Despite hearing pretty much the same Christmas songs every year of my life for at least the whole of December I will never get tired of them. My favourites are Elton Johns “Step in to Christmas” and Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas”. When I hear these on the radio you can guarantee that I’ll be dancing round my room the same time.

  1. Christmas Films

For many people of my generation, Elf is their favourite film. I do love it, but for me there’s a few that eclipse it. I love Home Alone and Love Actually, but my ultimate favourite’s are Santa Claus the Movie and The Snowman. I watch them religiously every year and can’t wait to have Esme join in my little tradition!

  1. Party Food

I am a real sucker for party food. Mozzarella in breadcrumbs, mini pizzas, chicken satay and best of all cheese straws. As soon as the supermarkets get their Christmas ranges in I’m straight there stocking up!


  1. Mulled Wine

I love the smell of mulled wine cooking on the stove and then sitting all snuggled up on the sofa drinking it.

  1. TV specials

I am partial to the odd soap opera, but I don’t watch them much over Christmas. There’s always too much drama and they can be quite depressing. However there are plenty of other TV specials that are great fun. From quizzes, to dramas to comedies. There’s always plenty to watch

  1. That feeling of waking up Christmas morning

I still love that feeling of waking up Christmas morning. Seeing what Santa has brought, watching your loved ones open their presents, Christmas songs on repeat, fizz for breakfast and continuous snacking. There really is nothing like it.

  1. That bit between Christmas and New Year

Some people find that bit between Christmas and New Year a bit odd. I love it. Over-eating, Christmas presents all over the house and that giant tin of Celebrations with just the Bounty’s left! Time gets lost and it doesn’t matter what day it is. It is all about fun, relaxing and being carefree. I love it.

  1. Family time

Despite all my favourite things I’ve mentioned, there is 1 thing that beats them all. Family time! No words are needed. Family is so precious and whilst I try to see my family as much as I can during the year, there is something special about catching up at Christmas.

I’d love to hear what your favourite things about Christmas are. Let me know in the comments below!


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