Why it’s a good idea to order early

I’m starting to become a bit of a pro at this Christmas thing now! Unbelievably this is my 3rd Christmas with Two Green Lane. Where on earth has the time gone! I know many people shudder at the thought of even mentioning  Christmas before December, but with a small business like mine where the majority of my work is made to order, I have to plan ahead, which is why Christmas 2018 is already a big part of my working life!

I have to work on long lead times. Once someone places their order, I send them a print kit so they can take their hand, foot, finger or paw print. Some people do it immediately, others can take a little longer! Even if they do it immediately, I normally don’t have the print back until at least a week after they place their order. However, once that print has been sent back to me, I can begin making the jewellery. Every piece is made by hand and goes through 9 stages before it is completed which I like to allow a 4-6 week process. I have to build all of this in to my leadtimes and also allow for working at capacity in the build up to Christmas.


However I also respect that for all you lovely customers, 4-6 weeks is a long way in advance at Christmas, so I have tried to shorten to give you as long to order as possible! Taking all the above in to consideration, I have to close my order books for Christmas on 25th November. Anyone who places their order on or just before this date has to be super organised at taking prints. So for those of you who would like a little longer to take prints, I suggest you order before this date as I need all prints back by 30th November.

There’s no better feeling that being organised when it comes to present buying at Christmas so you can really enjoy the build up with friends and family rather than be rushing around at the last minute, panic buying.

I am already well in to the Christmas season at Two Green Lane. If you would like to order something for a loved one but aren’t sure what to order, please give me a call. I have tried to make my website as simple as possible but there are so many options on what you can order so please let me make it as easy as I can for you! One phone call to me and we can work together to find the perfect gift for your loved one.

2GL 27th March-7

The 25th of November is not that long away. My order books are already filling up so please get in touch on 07858 701978 if I can help. I really look forward to hearing from you.

Best Wishes

Laura x

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