It’s as important as ever to shop local

“When you buy from a small business, you’re not helping a CEO buy a 3rd holiday home. You’re helping pay a mortgage, put food on a family’s table and give a little girl get dance lessons. Shop local”


I saw this quote on the internet and tweaked it slightly. Before I started my own business I liked to shop local where possible, but I didn’t think fully about the implications. Now, I will do all I can to shop local.

I don’t have anything against the big chains, in fact some of them produce some really lovely items. However, nothing beats buying from a small business.

I know how much each order means to me. That buzz I get when I get the ping of an email or the ring of phone. It means that someone has trusted me enough to spend their money with me and wants me to capture memories either for themselves or someone they love. In return I will treat every order as if I was making it for myself and give it all the love and care it deserves. I like to involve my customers in their orders and will often liaise with the throughout the production process so that their order is made completely unique to then. It is this personal touch that you can’t get from the big stores.

Shopping local doesn’t have to just mean businesses like mine that operate primarily via the internet and craft fairs. It can also mean the local florist, bakers, butchers, café or restaurant. Every owner has taken that brave step to move away from security of employment and become self-employed. We should applaud their bravery and realise just how much difference each sale makes.

When you write that shopping list for Christmas this year and are thinking about what to buy for the people you love. I urge you to consider the small local businesses that you follow on Facebook and Instagram, that you often walk past through the village or town. If you can, do buy from them. Not only will you be served with love and care but you will be helping support someone’s dreams.

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