The big build up

So far the only way we have communicated with all our wonderful customers has been digitally via Facebook, Instagram, email and our website. Being a company that prides itself on the personal touch we felt it was time to get out and about and meet some of you. We are very excited to say that… Continue Reading

Taking your precious fingerprints

  Last week we busted the myth that taking hand, foot and fingerprints was difficult. This week, we’ll do the same with fingerprints. It’s a different process, but just as fun and just as easy. Once you place your order online we will send you out a kit that contains one pot of white putty, one pot… Continue Reading

Taking your precious hand, foot and paw prints

  One of the questions we get asked most here at Two Green Lane is how we get your precious hand, foot, finger and paw prints. Sometimes people get nervous about ordering online as they don’t understand the process. In next weeks blog we will chat to you about the fingerprints but today we are… Continue Reading

The Balancing Act

  We have spoken a lot over the past few weeks about our business and our hard work getting it up and running. What we haven’t written about is how we balance this alongside raising a child.   When Two Green Lane was started, I set the following Personal Mission statement… “Having left my job… Continue Reading

Everybody Needs Good Friends

This week we wanted to chat a little about the importance of friends. But this blog isn’t about focusing on how friends can impact our personal lives, but how they can impact our business lives through Facebook.   So, it turns out that a Facebook business account is actually pretty clever. If you post something… Continue Reading

The “C” Word

  Don’t panic, we’ve not gone all potty mouth on you. We’re actually talking about Christmas. As we make personalised jewellery, we have to think about Christmas much earlier than most. This is Two Green Lane’s first Christmas and people advised we should start talking to you all about Christmas in September, but with the… Continue Reading

More than just a piece of jewellery

  When I started Two Green Lane, I did it because of my love of creating beautiful fine silver jewellery. Since having my daughter, Esme, it has made me more aware how precious life is. One of the reasons I took the decision to set up the business rather than return to my corporate job… Continue Reading

The Power Of A Press Release

  Sitting down to write to you, I am trying to think of the right word to describe my week. I need a word that fits in with my Two Green Lane brand. However one word keeps coming back to me, so despite not being a word we would often use at Two Green Lane,… Continue Reading

Going Live!!!

  Right, now I’ve decided to blog, lets blog! One week ago I launched Two Green Lane to the outside world. For the previous 3 and a half months I had been in a bubble, having big ideas, perfecting my craft and producing big planning spreadsheets (those who know me know I love a good… Continue Reading

To blog or not to blog- that is the question……

Setting up my own business, someone asked me if I was going to blog. I replied a very strong “no, blogging isn’t for me”. However she responded by saying “you must have a blog, it helps with your google search engine optimization (SEO)”, In other words, if you keep putting new content on your website,… Continue Reading


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